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Opstream for Finance

Full visibility into the approval process

Finance needs improved transparency into the procurement process.  Today, shadow procurement accounts for massive budgetary spend and simple vendor management has proven to only be marginally effective at controlling costs.   Opstream captures all procurement requests in a centralized location before a tool is ever purchased to prevent shadow procurement from ever taking root in your organization. 


Prevent duplicate purchases

Opstream automatically identifies and prevents duplicate vendors before they reach procurement teams, not after.  Save time and control costs across the organization with no-code intake and workflow creation.


Eliminate manual approvals

Manually approving every purchase in the organization is extremely time time consuming.  For many purchases with a low cost threshold finance doesn't always need to be involved.  With Opstream, you can choose specific criteria to auto-approve a request, speeding the decision time.

Large output from small procurement teams

Opstream helps procurement teams increase their efficiency with a smoother workflow and automatic tracking of stakeholder status.

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Get More from Opstream

Opstream is filled with features that help fast track your procurement


Want to ensure compliance and control spend?

See how Opstream can help.

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