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One Platform, Effortless Purchasing

Streamline your entire organization's purchases from software to gift cards and everything in between with Opstream’s intelligent sourcing, intake management and portfolio automation.

Buy the way companies buy today!

Manage company purchasing the way you always envisioned it, intelligently,  confidently and with company wide adoption. 


Change Purchasing, Forever

Intelligent Sourcing

Opstream’s intelligent sourcing process ensures your team gets the product they need and love. Side by side capabilities comparison, industry adoption rates and other data points allows you to make the right choice and maximize return on purchase.

Intake Management

Through a no code and fully self service platform, Opstream ensures your purchasing process is aligned to your business needs. We keep up with compliance, regulation and security so you don’t have to. 

Purchase Forecasting

Automatically track your growing vendors list to gain control and insight over vendor relationships across the company.  

Solve Everyday Pain Points

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Don’t miss another renewal

Manage company purchasing the way you always envisioned it, intelligently,  confidently and with company wide adoption. 

Duplication Prevention

Opstream’s solution is the only preventative method on the market to stop the root cause of software duplications.   Guide rails are implemented before tools are purchased, not after.  This is done with our proprietary 85,000 product catalog to ensure your team matches the right solution in real time, without duplications.

Purchase Forecasting

Be in the know at any time all the time. Our forecasts show the stage of every request so you project  the entire purchasing process.

Opstream’s Benefits

Seamless Integrations  

Don’t change your current tech stack, empower it.  Opstream was built from the ground up to  orchestrate all your existing solutions and provide a single source of truth.

Proprietary Insights

Opstream’s AI platform constantly analyzes processes, tools and spend to ensure that you are powered with the most powerful insights at your decision making moments.

Quick Deployment

Onboard today, use tomorrow. We have the fastest implementation time in the industry.

No-Code Self Serve

No-code configuration means you don’t need expensive professional services to make workflow changes on your own.

Time to Value

It’s simple because it works and it works fast. You and your team will see the value of Opstream from the moment you launch.

Quantifiable Process

For the first time procurement leaders can demonstrate real numbers on cost savings, process efficiency and growth support. Opstream is #1 fan you’ve been waiting for.

Ready to streamline spend control across your organization?

See how Opstream can help.

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