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Buy the way companies buy today.

Opstream helps you modernize your procurement processes. Our platform allows seamless employee adoption - saving time, reducing costs, and optimizing resources.

Legal Operations

Opstream gets legal teams seamlessly involved at the right time, contributing to a streamlined and efficient procurement process.


Audit Trails

No more uncertainty about vendor documents; Opstream's centralized repository provides instant access and secure storage, ensuring easy discovery and eliminating the frustration of searching through and requesting for scattered files.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Poor communication leads to delays and misunderstandings. Opstream's platform bridges communication gaps and keeps stakeholders updated through Slack, Teams, or email alerts.


Ensure compliance at all times

Escape the complexity of compliance; Opstream's seamless coordination platform aligns all stakeholders, including vendors, for efficient review and approvals, ensuring compliance is maintained throughout the procurement journey.

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Centralized Document Repository

Tired of being asked where the latest NDA version is? Opstream's unified document repository eliminates that hassle with links to signed documents, comprehensive approval tracking, and a dynamic document search engine.


Buy the way companies buy today


Ready to streamline your legal workflows?

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