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Opstream and RJ Gets It Done Collaborate to Transform Procurement for Legal Teams

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Opstream, the leader in procurement process orchestration and intake management, proudly announces its strategic partnership with RJ Gets It Done. This partnership signals a pivotal moment in the evolution of procurement for legal teams. By combining Opstream’s unique and intelligent procurement platform with RJ Gets it Done’s legal operations expertise, this collaboration aims to empower legal professionals with practical and impactful solutions.

Rhonda Jenkins, Founder of RJ Gets It Done says, “Our partnership with Opstream reshapes how procurement impacts the legal sector. For law firms and corporate legal departments, the general counsel’s office and legal ops teams are often seen as the bottleneck in the purchasing and procurement process. With Opstream, we’re introducing a transformative approach that improves transparency, reduces friction between the various stakeholders, and helps organizations save time and money by providing governance and visibility through a single pane of glass.” :

In today’s legal landscape, simplified procurement holds the key. Legal is one of the key stakeholders in almost any significant purchase an organization has, and it’s time they become central to the tools used as well. Opstream introduces an intuitive self-service platform, designed to break silos between roles and titles, catering not only to IT departments, business procurement and finance practitioners but also to all involved in purchasing decisions, including legal teams. This empowers legal professionals to streamline procurement, provide transparency, facilitating smooth adoption, significant time savings, cost reduction, and resource optimization.

“Teaming up with RJ Gets It Done reflects our shared commitment to change the way companies buy,” explains Lihi Lutan, Co-founder and CEO of Opstream. “Our partnership empowers legal professionals to leverage technology for strategic growth,” adds Mor Cohen-Tal, Co-Founder and CTO of Opstream.

RJ Gets It Done boasts a remarkable track record. With extensive experience working in law firms, legal departments, SaaS providers, and small to mid-sized businesses, their team crafts strategic roadmaps to enhance efficiency and innovation. Their comprehensive services range from strategic IT planning and software implementation to managed IT support, risk management, and cybersecurity solutions.

This partnership ensures a comprehensive, innovative, and practical approach to procurement, and the increasingly important role legal plays in it. Legal professionals can now embrace digital transformation, optimize resources, and drive strategic growth.

For more details about the partnership between Opstream and RJ Gets it Done, please visit and

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