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Intake Process

No-code configuration

No need to wait weeks and spend tons of money for developers to change your procurement or approval workflows. Autonomously control your processes with our self-serve configuration wizard.

Prevent duplicate purchases

Cut the unnecessary spend. Detect similar platforms within your company and ensure your preferred vendors are considered first when making a purchase.

Made for cross-functional teams

Enhance task flow, easily share documents, prevent information overload, and reduce redundant communications, in real-time. Enjoy a better collaborative procurement experience.

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Smart buying rules

Opstream guides employees through company policies and procedures with a simplified intake process across all departments including IT, Security, Legal, Operations, Finance and other stakeholders.

Spend less time chasing down department heads.

Get More from Opstream

Opstream is filled with features that help fast track your procurement

Opstream Features - no-code workflow, analytics, insights

Ready to streamline procurement across your organization?

See how Opstream can help.

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