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Opstream for IT & Security

Centralized audit trail for requests

All requests and purchases are held in a centralized document repository inside the Opstream platform.  Say goodbye to chasing down stakeholders for status updates and security certificates.  Say hello to effortless reviews.


Ensure data security while improving efficiency

Opstream uses a dynamic intake process that automatically includes IT when specific purchase request criteria are met. Easy no-code configuration allows your department to make workflow changes on the fly as security requirements are needed.


Communicate and collaborate in platform

Coordinate with fellow stakeholders in a central location at the start of a purchase request and prevent being looped in at the end. Vendor doesn't have access to the system?  No problem! All stakeholders (even vendors!) can reply via email and it will populate comments inside Opstream.  Reviewing requests has never been so easy.


Get More from Opstream

Opstream is filled with features that help fast track your procurement


Want to ensure compliance and control spend?

See how Opstream can help

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