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Changing the way companies buy 

Opstream dashboard

Buy the way companies buy today.

We're all about modernizing your procurement process and helping organizations create an end-to-end purchasing workflow with intelligent sourcing, intake management, and vendor portfolio automation.

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What we do








Vendor Portfolio Automation

Enhanced visibility 

 Gain real-time insights into your procurement activities, enabling proactive decision-making and centralized approvals. Our live dashboards provide stakeholders with visibility into pending purchases, spend control, and an audit trail.

Enhanced Visibility Dashboard
Screen of stakeholder reviews and requests

Improved efficiency

Streamline your procurement processes, reduce manual tasks, and free up valuable time for strategic activities. Benefit from our document repository for approval tracking.

Increased savings

Opstream gives you complete visibility into the spend, before it happens with all the controls you need to make sure that every dollar that is spent goes through the right process in a way that is seamless and not painful for the users.

Budget Questions Screen
Finance Threshold screen

Stop The Threshold Trap

Thresholds to approve purchases dropped overnight and the workload being put on finance exploded.   Route every purchase to the right approver without acting as the go-between.  With Opstream, you can choose specific criteria to auto-approve a request, designate departmental or dynamic approvers, and remove mundane tasks from your desk.

The Ease of Opstream

Intuitive Dashboards

Built-in dashboards give key stakeholders high-level overviews into all purchase requests in the organization. Identify bottlenecks and reduce cycle times with objective data.

AI Driven Questions

Determine if alternative vendors have been considered at the time of request and ensure employees will use purchases for the correct use case.  All with AI driven questions that adapt to each individual user request.

No-code Configuration

No need to wait weeks for developers to change procurement or approval workflows. Perform complete overhauls or minor tweaks in minutes with our self-serve configuration wizard.

Team Communication

Email chains make finding and relaying critical information to separate teams difficult. Communicate with your team in real time with a centralized platform built for collaboration across the organization. Stakeholders can reply via email and it auto populates in-platform. 

Built For Cross-Functional Teams



Procurement is complex. Streamline the intake and approval process to decrease cycle times and increase user adoption. Get your time back and stop chasing stakeholders by giving users the ability to view status updates and allowing approvers to review in parallel.

Securing and protecting your organization is vital.  But when employees making purchase requests bypass the system and introduce shadow procurement, security is jeopardized. Discover how implementing common sense safeguards in your workflow increases user adoption.


IT and Security

Maintaining compliance and reducing risk exposure is difficult when stakeholders are spread across multiple departments. Find out how having a single platform for communication and audit trails helps the Legal department.



Achieving full visibility into purchase requests across the organization before purchases happen can seem impossible. See how centralizing procurement and at-a-glance dashboards gives Finance the data needed to make informed decisions.



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