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How LastPass achieved a 72% decrease in request handling time with Opstream

Updated: May 16

At a glance:

Results seen by LastPass upon implementing Opstream
Results seen by LastPass upon implementing Opstream

The situation

When Jeremy Parkin became the Director of Procurement at LastPass, he was faced with significant issues with their existing procurement intake solution.

The solution had a bad internal reputation due to its poor user experience, inefficient workflows, and challenges in inputting information effectively, which resulted in many requests bypassing the process. Jeremy recognized the urgent need to address these issues and find a better solution.

He wanted to make sure the new platform would be great for users and provide excellent customer service. He needed a platform that was easy for his team to use and changes as the company grew, that would give accurate visibility into spend and the ability to control it from the bottom up and top down. It was also important that they could make changes without needing external experts. He had to find a solution quickly.

The Solution

After looking at many solutions, LastPass selected Opstream as their preferred platform for their procurement orchestration needs for two main reasons:

First, Opstream facilitated the swift identification of strategic versus tactical tasks within their workflows, enabling them to prioritize high-value activities and automating many other workflows.

“Because of how well organized it is, it just gives everyone all the immediate information they need to be able to move forward extremely quickly.”

Second, Opstream empowers us to achieve more, with fewer resources. This streamlined approach results in significant cost savings, as we can enhance overall system efficiency without overburdening our team. We are completely independent, we don’t need any support in configuring and adjusting the system.

“The ability to customize workflows within Opstream was a pivotal factor in our decision-making process. Opstream's adaptability allowed us to start simple and progressively build upon our processes as needed, aligning perfectly with our growth strategy.”

Furthermore, Opstream's integrations proved to be remarkably smooth and easy to enable and setup. The platform's flexibility allows for straightforward initial integrations, with the complexity adjustable according to specific needs. Opstream's user-friendly approach to integrations facilitated a seamless transition, contributing to our overall satisfaction with the platform.

The impact

By adopting Opstream, LastPass has become empowered to approach requests strategically, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

The impact of Opstream extended company-wide, benefiting functions from executive levels down to interactions with procurement, security, legal, and corporate IT for all future requests. This centralization has positioned Opstream as the main point of contact for all users.

Opstream's capabilities provided complete visibility into spend management, enabling LastPass to efficiently track and manage both controlled and uncontrolled spend. This enhanced visibility has revolutionized LastPass's approach to spend management, making a profound impact on marketing and operational efficiency.

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