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Opstream Takes Center Stage at Digital Procurement World with Mor Cohen-Tal

Harnessing Innovation: Opstream at the Forefront of Digital Procurement

The recent Digital Procurement World (DPW) conference pulsed with innovation as industry leaders explored the future of procurement. Among the highlights was a captivating speech by Mor Cohen-Tal, a renowned expert in modern procurement practices. This blog post dives into DPW and explores key takeaways from Mor's thought-provoking presentation.

DPW: A Hub for Procurement Transformation

For procurement and supply chain professionals worldwide, DPW is the premier tech event. It fosters connections, idea exchange, and exploration of cutting-edge advancements transforming the procurement landscape. Here, leading figures, startups, and tech providers convene to shape the future of procurement.

Opstream's Vision of Self-Service Procurement: Unlocking Full Visibility and Control

Mor's speech resonated deeply with attendees. She addressed the overwhelming complexities of contemporary procurement, characterized by a surge in suppliers, intricate compliance requirements, and fragmented information systems.

Mor shed light on the limitations of current solutions, including AI tools like ChatGPT. While powerful for generating insights, they often leave us struggling to bridge the gap between those insights and actionable steps within existing workflows. As Mor aptly stated, "At the end of the day, AI is just an engine – it needs a vehicle."

Watch the full video here:

This is where Opstream enters the scene. Opstream, a comprehensive full-cycle intake platform, serves as the perfect "vehicle" for Mor's engine analogy. Designed to harness the power of AI and empower cross-functional procurement teams, Opstream offers a data-driven approach to navigate today's procurement landscape.

Opstream's Advantage: Empowering Procurement Teams

Opstream goes beyond the limitations of standalone AI tools, offering a holistic solution that tackles the specific needs of modern procurement:

  • Real-time, Actionable Insights:  Cut through information overload! Gain clear, insightful data for informed decision-making. (Include relevant keywords for search optimization)

  • Self-Service Approvals:  Streamline workflows and free up valuable time. Opstream empowers teams to handle approvals efficiently. (Include relevant keywords for search optimization)

  • Intelligent Vendor Management:  Opstream tames vendor chaos. Manage your network effectively, ensure compliance, and optimize your spend. (Include relevant keywords for search optimization)

Opstream: Your Gateway to a Transformed Procurement Future

Ready to break through your procurement processes with AI? Opstream is the self-service, AI-Driven, procurement platform that is built for cross-functional teams, with the ability to launch within days not months, unlocking full visibility and control over your spend, BEFORE it happens. Book a demo today.


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